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Saturday, January 24, 2009

L'oreal Glam Shine Lipgloss and L'oreal HIP Lipgloss

For the price these babies are great!

So I have three L'oreal Glam Shines to show you!

Left to right

Prima Donna, Diva, Seductress

Prima Donna is a beige gloss with silver shimmer
Diva is a purple-ish gloss with silver shimmer
Seductress is a mauve with silver shimmer

These lipglosses are super dazzling! They are the most shimmery glosses that I have seen L'oreal ever put out! The glitter in them is all silver. These glosses offer a lot of shimmer, shine, and dazzle! I highly recommend trying one! They last about an hour before having to reapply like most glosses. The glosses have a sweet strawberry scent.

Left to right Giddy, Romantic, Dreamer, and Hypnotic
The Hip glosses are also really nice for the price! They are super pigmented. They are thick glosses but they last about 2 hours on the lips. 

Left to right
Giddy, Romantic, Dreamer and Hypnotic

Giddy is a bright pink gloss with pink iridescent glitter
Romantic is a pinkish red gloss with bright pink shimmer
Hypnotic is a lilac pink gloss with pink shimmer
Dreamer is a maroon with pink/redish glitter

These are scented like cotton candy. The texture can be a little tacky.