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Monday, January 5, 2009

Eyeshadow FOTD- Jill Stuart and Laneige and Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Mascara

I am wearing 2 coats of Victoria Secret Beauty Rush in mascara

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye color in green butterfly on my lower lid and on the middle of my lid I have Laneige Coral Peach eyeshadow.


nea said...

oh wow! u have such long eyelashes~!! ^o^

u have a great blog, i really love looking at korean and japanese brand cosmetics :D

but one thing though, sometimes the pics are clear and sometimes they're not clear. i wonder if is it possible to make the swatches pics look clearer? may be take the pic with the macro setting on or have the lens focus on the swatch?

sorry if i offend :(

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Its ok your not offending me lol. I have to figure out how to work my new camera. So there is a macro setting. I also have a basement apartment and it is so hard to get good light. I will work on it!

Thanks for enjoying my blog!

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nea said...


thanks! i thought u would think that i was being a jerk (^,^;;

anyhow, i have subscribed to ur blog also~!

look forward to ur many reviews :)