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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lancome Color Fever Gloss in Phia Black

So I have been getting into the idea of a light black gloss. The kat von D one by Sephora is great because of the sparkles in it but you have to apply a lot to get a little color.

The Lancome Phia Black gloss which they came is new was actually out a few years ago and it was a limited edition that was sold with a red lipstick. It was supposed to create a vampire look when black gloss was applied on top of a red gloss. 

Well I just wanted the gloss. I found out about the existence of the color about two months ago and was really saddened to know that I could not get my hands on it.

But now... IM HAPPY! I love this color! One swipe of the color is the perfect sheer black. Two coats of it is way to dark for me and I look kinda weird but I bet on a dark skin that this would look great too! I am tempted to prep my lips with a nude gloss and then apply the color.

My complete look. From afar it looks like a deep red or a dark pink gray. That is because of my natural lip color underneath. I think I just might try to prime my lips first next time.

Either way, I highly recommend trying this color out. It is LE so get it while you can. You never know, you might be surprised when you see it on yourself!