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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Skin Food SkinFood Black Sesame Hot Mask

I love this mask! I tried a sample of it and I had to buy it. As you rub it in your face, it creates a warming sensation. It is made of sugar and salt and sesame seeds amongst other fillers. The salt acts as a really good exfoliator. I left it on for 3 mins and after I washed it off my face definitely felt softer due to the exfoliation. 
It may not look pleasant but it has a neat smell that I enjoy a lot.
When you put it on your face, do not worry you will not look crazy lol. It only is tinted a little black. I think I paid $12.90 for on


Kimberly Tia said...

Wow- this sounds amazing!!!

and something I want to try! I love sesame... how fun!

Makeupforeverlove said...

Oh! You are right. I also purchased this with a BB Cream and a Brush. But the site you linked is a rip-off!

I found a site through a Youtube Guru couple weeks ago.


It sells it for about the same price. Some cheaper more expensive but the shipping is free if i'm not mistaken.

Much love for your Reviews! <3