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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Etude House Orgel Light Eyeshadow Trio 06

What a lovely box!
Oh my the packaging! How we get sucked by its Prettiness! This pink color compact is an identical color to my car! No Kidding!
This eyeshadow trio is heavily pigmented! I love it! They are very shimmery! Make sure you use a primer with this one ladies!  Otherwise you will be wearing the color on your cheeks!

The top color looks more like a khaki green. The middle is an intense light pink shimmer and the bottom is a midnight blue. I purchased this from an etude house seller on Gmarket. 
I am tempted to buy more!!!


jen said...

did you really won the lottery??!! Really?? if so, congrats! Only if I was that lucky!! this is my first time visting your blog, I came across it from nother blog. =)