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Friday, May 22, 2009

Victoria Secret Pool Party Collection + Beauty Rush Goodies

Left to Right

Beauty Rush Pool Party Lip Butter in Frostea, Minty Lipshine in Citrusminty, Lipgloss in Tropicool, Minty Lipshine in Bubbleminty

I love the lip butters! They are thicker and less glossy than a lip gloss and not as shiny as the the lip shine. The lip shines are made with Peppermint oil and remind me of the orbit gums!

Beauty Rush Lip and Cheek Pop. This comes in three colors. I like the Peach and petal pink the best. The third color is a deeper pink. These are hard to get off on the cheeks. They are super matte.

They also have out new baked wet/dry eyeshadows. It comes in I believe around 12 colors.  I purchased jade-a-kissed since it looked the most different.
Left to right: Citrusminty, Tropicool, Peach pop, Petal Pop
Bottom: Jade-a-kissed
Left to right: Lip butter in Frostea, Bubbleminty, Citrusminty, Tropicool, Peach Pop
Bottom: Jade-a-kissed
I love the lip butters. They are not quite a butter but definitely not a gloss. They are a nice change for VS.  The wet/dry shadows feel just like every other baked dome shadow and the pay off is just as nice. Also I love the taste and smell of all the new glosses!

As for the pool party scents: I love the lemonita! It smells like a sugary, vanilla lemon! The frostea smells like a fake over sweet tea (yuck) and the coolita smells a lot like coconut. Too much coconut for me.

The pool party collections sports glosses, body mists with out oil, shimmer gels, lotions, and nail polishes! 

For a price of each of $7.00 or buy 7 for $25, you cannot go wrong ladies!!


Halifax said...

I just checked VS website, didn't see the baked shadows. How many shades were there that you saw? Thanks

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Hey! Thanks for reading my blog. These are brand spanking new! When I got to VS, they were just putting them on the shelves. Hopefully they will be on the website soon! There were definitely 6 shadows or me as I tried on at least 6.

pangie said...

hm...i'll have to look at what our vs has up here. btw, i'm following your blog now. :P