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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Homemade and Handmade Purse!

My hubby helped me make this purse! It is so cute!

The pattern came from a purse magazine.

The handles are from AC Moore as well as the Acrylic flower!
All cloth materials are from Jo-Ann Fabrics
The handmade badge has "Babies" written on. We call our family the "Babies" hehe =)

In between the orange polka dot layer is a harder white material that gives the purse stability.
It was made using a Brother's sewing machine.

It took about two full nights. Not bad for our first purse! 
We are making another one that has lipsticks on it!

The little ribbon on the handle came with something that I ordered from Kim Tia. What a cute addition.


izumi said...

oh, very cute! :)

sanniet said...

that is adorable!!!! great job I would totally carry that around! <3

LOVEpink said...

omg i lovee it!! its sooo cute! you guys did an awesome job!!! :)

Lulu said...

That is adorable!!!

izumi said...

very nice job! :D it's super cute.

i also received your package today-- THANK YOU SO MUCH!~ it's absolutely STUFFED with goodies! i can't wait to try them :)