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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

B Never to Busy To Be Beautiful Makeup by Lush + Brushes from Makeup Show

The Lush Be Never to Busy to be Beautiful Makeup line honestly is crap! The fragrances and soaps are great just like Lush but the makeup line! OMG!!

Here two lipsticks I got. I like the "B" on them. They are metal pieces that can be removed but first off the one of the left was like this hard waxy lipstick that just was so dry. I am requesting a return in fact. The coral color on the right has so much dye that is stained my lips and hands and makeup remover did not even work!

The eyeshadow palette is beautiful to look at and the packaging is so detailed. The colors are next to impossible to get them to show up! I was scrubbing with a brush an applicator and they barely show up!
This is the box on the lip cream. Very pretty.
This is the lip cream. Did not show up on me and the smell of the rose hip oil is so strong!! ahhh!!
This product I love. It is a mint lip scrub. It is made with a natural strong mint. It is on the dry side but it does exfoliate well.
Here are the Lush Shadows
Top left is the lip cream, bottom left the coral lipstick, the middle the black/red lipstick
The bottom left is a liquid eyeliner that is really pretty but once again I cannot get it off! My eyes are still orange!!! Bottom right is the lip scrub.
All of the brushes did not cost more than $35!!! Including the roll!