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Monday, May 11, 2009

Eyeko Beauty Cream

This lovely cream came from It was more than 50% off!

I loved Eyeko but unfortunately it is getting harder and harder to find in stores in the US.

Anyway this cream is multifunctional. It is a highlighter, moisturizer and eye cream.

It has a lot of shimmer! I mean a lot! I do not recommend it as a moisturizer unless you want to look like you put your face in a bowl of shimmer! Maybe if you put your foundation over it as use it as a primer it might work ok.

What I do is mix it with another moisturizer so that the shimmer is not so intense.

I like to use it as an eye cream or a highlighter. Look how pretty! Ohh la la la!
Look at the intense shimmer! Wow! Pop!

As a moisturizer it is not great because it dries quick and it is not very moisturizing.  Also when it dries, your skin gets kinda tight. 

Overall, I can't help myself. I think the product is so fun!!!

Anyone try it before?