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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ludanmei Eyeshadow and Blush Palettes

These palettes were purchased from and they were around $7.00 each and they are AMAZING! Super shimmery and super pigmented!!!! 

This brand Ludanmei is based out of Hong Kong. This is all Sasa sells by this brand. They do have a website, and sell beautiful makeup! 

The eyeshadows are made mainly of talc and mica.

The blushes are on the far left of my hand, the rest are eye shadows. I love the yellow blue and gray. They are so shimmery and pigmented for the price. I am so impressed. They are also very smooth and soft and with a primer last all day!
This the other palette that they sell. The shimmer also goes all the way through the shadow. Its not just topical at all. 
Beautiful deep spanish colors! The very top colors are the blushes.


izumi said...

they're so pretty & pigmented for such a great price! :D what a find! how much is sasa shipping? i'd be sad if it's the same $12 for overseas :|

onno david said...

Hi.. This is amazing. I just read an inspiring argument for the role of beauty in art. I think sasa sells to good. Yes i am so impressed . I love the pink and green colors.