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Monday, March 23, 2009

Jadilla J Multi Face Cover

 I got this lovely item from Kathi from Lotus Palace. She has such great taste with asian brands!

So this multi face cover is a really nice product. I actually like it so much that I replaced it with my skinfood banana concealer.

So the pot contains three different covers.

The top color on my wrist is the highlighter which is on the bottom left of the pot. It has gold shimmer in it. I put it on my upper cheek bones.

Middle color on my wrist is a very thick heavy concealer which I use under my eyes for heavy coverage. It is  pale beige color. Its the top color in the pot.

Bottom color on my hand is a very thin light concealer. Its great for all areas on my face and its very light weight. The color is a very pale ivory and it blends like a dream and offers light coverage.

I highly suggest buying this product! It can purchased from Gmarket