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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Arezia Palette from

My BF got me this palette from It is very affordable and offers so many color choices! The shadows are decently pigmented and sparkles all through out.

Its comes with several trio shadows, 4 blushes, a highlighter and a face powder.

The shadows are more talc based and are not satin.

I am loving the orange, yellow and pink trio. Each trio really is very nice.
A love the doll pink blush on the left. The highlighter is my favorite! Its good to even out skin tone and give you highlights!

The face powder is on the lighter side which works great for me.
There were so many colors to swatch. So I just randomly swatched a bunch of colors for your viewing pleasure.

If you are looking for something cheap, chic, and cute, this palette is for you!


sanniet said...

how sweet of your bf! I love it when my bf buys me stuff too especially when I like it haha >_< ohh wow the colors are really pretty! and it seems like you get a lot!

xoannie said...

Dana, thank you so so much for being so kind to me. Yes, it was about swapping and I appreciate all the advice that you're giving me! And I'm so scared about the SATs because I want so hard to make my family proud but I'm constantly scared that I won't make it. Dana, you've been such a friend and I'm so happy that you're trying to help. I am definitely sending you a little something of appreciation.