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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kawaii Cupcake from Kimberly Tia of Batyoureyelashes Blog

So I love Tia's kawaii crafts. She is very good and she loves doing it! I bought this little cupcake from her and she even personalized it for me! I asked to have curly frosting on the end and a brown bottom. 

I love the cherry and sprinkles!!!
Its so soft and cushy!

I highly suggest supporting Tia's craft.
Look at the easter egg candy on the inside! how cute! She also made me beautiful little magnets.
ohh look a little piece of confetti on the inside! Did I mention that she filled it with candy magnets and confetti? and wrapped it in pretty green confetti tissue paper?

Its so fun! I think I am going to fill mine with something makeup oriented or jewelry.

Hey Tee Tee, you should make a kawaii jewelry box! 

Thank you so much for my strawberry cupcake. I'll think of you when I look at it!


Kimberly Tia said...

Dana Delightful!

You're such a DOLL FACE! say that 10x fast!! I'm so glad you love your cupcake and that you're happy with your purchase with me. Don't ever hesitate to contact me with ideas, or any future or "seen online inspirations"

You're so fabulous sugar lips!