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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

World's Best Makeup Organizer

So in my opinion this is the best organizer that I have found to date! What it is, is an interlocking pegboard display. You usually see these in smaller forms at the beauty counters holding earrings and lipglosses etc.

This peg board has several holes in it and the website AZAR displays sells all of the the holders for lipsticks, eyeshadows etc. The holders have holes on the back of them that attach to the beg board. Also the peg boards can be rotated. If you are confused think of the Sunglasses holders that they have in stores one those displays that turn in a circle.

You can purchase this board in several colors and you can buy several makeup holders at this site

It also makes a pretty beauty display. Some of the the makeup holders have windows where you can insert labels such as Blush. On the top of the display is a sign holder. My boyfriend is making me a sign that says Makeup.

I have more makeup than shown but this display has so far eliminated about 20 drawers of makeup for me! I now have so much more room to expand!! Also the great advantage of this is that I can see all of my makeup at once! Rather than it buried in a bin! I highly highly recommend this!
In the picture above, I have these cup like holders. Each holder has 6 cups and I put mascaras in two of them and the others I put all my eyeliners in them. Each cup has several eyeliners of one specific color. In two of the cups I put my makeup brushes in as well.

Below that level I have two levels in which I have my highlighters and blushes on. I tilted them all so that I can seem and so that they look neat. You could also put other things in this holder.

In the picture above, at the top level I have a holder that has four sections in which I sectioned all of my loose and pressed powders. I separated them by shimmer and matte.

The layers below is a holder that has 4 isles in which I have all my BB creams and foundations. They are separated by Matte and shiny.

The next level there is a holder that is designed just for lipsticks. Each lane holds lipsticks of only one color. They do sell the springs to hold the lipsticks in better.

The last level are separated tiny holes that hold lipgloss tubes.
On the picture above, I used the lipstick holder to hold all of my mini eye shadow palettes. I think it makes them look really neat and I can see the top of every color.

The last layer, I have a big 4 sectioned holder that is holding all of my big size makeup palettes.

In this picture above, I have all my skin care products. The top layer is all of my sheet or powder masks. The middle layer is of my skin care treatments and the bottom layer are my toners and Face washes.

Do you think this is a good idea for makeup organizing? Tell me! 


Anonymous said...

awesome idea but that peg board is so expensive!! i'm bored :(

Anonymous said...

I actually think that is a very creative way to display your makeup, you can see every item you possess. :D
But I have an inherent fear of placing cosmetics in the exposure/sun, so I wouldn't do it your way.

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

I do not have my cosmetics in the sun. I have it in a climate controlled enviorment out of the sun. I don't blame.

Yes it is not cheap. I paid $105 for my rotating beauty stand but you can get a two sided for half the price. Also over the years I have spend $300 at least in makeup holders, train cases, and caddys.