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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Body Shop Sparkle Eye Palette

I just adore the new body shop Fall 08 collection! I bought the Sparkle eye palette number 02 on ebay. If L'oreal helped make this line, then its a great improvement! The most recent collections with the two blushes were horrible and they did not blend well at all.

I love the sparkly package and the cute gem stone that holds it shut. It has a little rope that goes around the stone.
It has a very nice big mirror and it has a drawer underneath that has a double ended brush. Whats also neat is that the drawer is actually bigger than the brush so you can stick another brush or an applicator in there as well.

As you can tell I have not even tried it yet! Well just for my readers, I am going to swatch it now!
Wow the colors are gorgeous! They are heavily pigmented! I might have swatched too much! The first three colors I adore. The last two colors are dark for me, but if I use them sparingly I am sure I can make a soft smokey eye!

The first color is a pinkish white shimmer, then a rosy pink shimmer, then an intense silver shimmer, then a deep intense gray/black shimmer and lastly a dark navy shimmer!

This palette goes for $25 and its not too high and not too low (but too low is never bad). I have seen them on ebay for half the price! I highly suggest picking up this lovely palette or wait until after christmas because the palette will likely be 50% off.

There is also a tropical version of this palette with green, gold, and yellow. I will soon be getting it!