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Monday, November 3, 2008

Sephora Brand Glitter Liner in 03 Opal

I am super impressed with the Sephora Brand Glitter Liners. It comes in several colors.  Gold, Purple, Teal, Blue, Silver, Black, and the color I bought Opal. These are only $12.00! 

These are the same quality as Urban Decay Glitter liners! The UD liners are $18 and you get half the size! This is a steal! That is one thing that I do love about Sephora. They make knock offs of all the hit products! 

The product goes on easy and driers quicker than the Urban Decay liner. It lasts all day and the glitter is fine enough that is does not irritate your eyes. 

This is the color on my hand. Look how pretty! I even put it in my hair and I tipped the edge of my eyelashes with it!