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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lioele BB Cream

I learned of this neat brand through Lotus Palace's Blog and Gmarket. I have been having a problem with all of my skin79 BB creams. Everyone that I use, I end up within hours getting 2 very painful pimples. Any other brand of BB Cream does not do this to me. So sadly 3 of my BB Creams have to go. The good side of it is that I get to explore different brands of BB Creams which leads my to Lioele. 

I love the cute carriage design on it and I also love the colors! I have a small 10ml tube that I bought. I figured let me try this first before I dive in and buy a lot. Just because I do not want any other reactions.

This is a swatch of the color on my hand. It is darker than me but it does blend in quite well. It is not to thick and not to thin for a BB cream. It blends in with ease and with a powder on top of it, its Perfect!
This is what is looks like rubbed in. You can see that it is a shader darker than my skin but it did not look weird when I put it on my face. I have worn it today for 8 hours and so far no reaction. Also I did not have to apply any touch ups. I think it is a pretty good BB cream. Also there is practically no scent.


wen said...


i'm wondering if this bb cream is suitable for oily skin?

thanks =)

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Hey girl! Well I am have combo skin and with powder on face it DID NOT at all make me any oiler than I normally am. I was quite impressed actually. I am going to order a tube tonight!