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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lush Hair Doctor + Sugar Scrubs

The sugar scrubs are awesome! The top is is Sugar Babe Scrub and the lower is Sugar Scrub Sugar. The bottom has fennel ginger and lavender. I reminds me of a less potent Karma scent. You break off a piece and rub on! After is washes off it leaves your skin feeling so soft. It feels just like after you take a bath with a lush bath bomb. The top has coconut oil and mimosa blossom. The inside also has a pink core! I put mine in metal containers or old lush containers since they do not come with a container. I highly suggest trying out of these out!

I love the lush hair doctor! It smells and feels so good! It gives this awesome cooling sensation!  I used a quarter of the container on my head. They would suggest to use half but I did not. It is expensive considering for shoulder length hair would only get you two uses. It has mud and several oils in it. My hair felt extra soft after!