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Friday, July 17, 2009

Maybelline Color Sensational Swatches

Released beginning of July, the Color Sensational lipsticks by Maybelline are a must have! They smell like Taffy! They are around $7.0 a piece but if you can catch a bogo deal, it is so worth it! It comes in 48 colors. I was able to view 16 colors. This collection also has a lipgloss side. I do not think the lip gloss colors are as nice as the lipsticks and they do not smell the same.

Honey Nectar provides a nourishing feel as well as moisturization. It is also made with pure pigments.
Depending on which shade range you are in, there is a matching cap. So a red color has a red cap and a pink color has a pink cap.
465 My favorite. Its pretty medium purple with a greenish iridescent glitter.
445 Also very pretty

Left to right: 005, 525, 545, 115, 445, and 465


becky said...

omg, these are swatches are so pretty. i guess i'll wait for a bogo to buy these.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm looking for the hot pink that Emily DiDonato wore for the Maybelline Color Sensational commercial

I was told that Bit of Berry is the one, but judging from some pictures on other sites, it couldn't possibly be the shade I'm looking to buy. Do you happen to know by looking at the youtube which shade is the hot pink one? THANK YOU! It's 18 seconds into the video. I'd appreciate it.