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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Missha M Signature Radiance Two-Way Pact + Make-Up Base + Foundation

As I said earlier so for the lack of posts, moving to NYC is taking up a lot of time =) Thanks for understanding. Anyway...
The Missha M Signature Radiance Two-Way Pact is so pretty. It contains a micro bead powder which aids in a soft focus effect and multi-reflection. It also makes for a super flawless coverage.
- It has Mineral and botanical Collagen which provide moisture and nutrients.
- Containing Astazanthin and Polylift that makes your skin healthy and radiant.

It has a soft floral fragrance.
I went with color 21. It really is a very nice powder and after wearing it all day my face did not get oily! It blends like a dream!

The make-up base is on the left and foundation is on the right. Although the base has a greenish-white tint, it does blend in completely. The foundation blends nicely as well but it leaves my skin with a more yellow tint. 

If you were to wear all three of these products, you face will become an oil slick. I personally just like powders but the makeup base did allow my powder to stay on all day!
The makeup base blended in
The foundation blended in.