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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Japanese Kokurydudo Privacy Curl Keeper Spray + Etude House Glow Base Sun Guard

The Privacy Curl Keeper Spray is an interesting item. The innovation and thought behind the project is great. Essentially a hairspray for your lashes! All you do is spray is on your curler, let it dry a little until it starts to get tacky and then curl your lashes. Well this product does work great and I did see a difference at the end of the day when compared to my other eye that just had the curler and no curl keeper. The only problem is that the amount of alcohol in it seems high as it can burn the heck out of your eye! Use it with caution. 

10 for innovation
8 for price
6 for results 
8 for pain lol 

Etude House Glow Base SPF 36 PA++.  I love this stuff! It smells very soft and light like flowers and has a pearl based shimmer in it. It lasted all day in the sun when I used it. I used it when I went to the beach. The only downfall is that if you need to use it a lot, it can be a problem because it is not a very large tube and it does not come in a bigger tube.
The concentrated  Sun Guard is at the top of the hand and it is rubbed in at the bottom of  my hand. The shimmer is very fine and it is not chunky and it gives you a nice soft sheen. I wish they made shimmer based sun block over in the US but they do not. Sunblock is boring but the tanners have fun scents and shimmers over here. Maybe I need to talk to some chemists lol!

10 Performance
8 Quality
8 Scent
6 For Shimmer intensity
4 Product Size