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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Missha M Signature Radiance Two-Way Pact + Make-Up Base + Foundation

As I said earlier so for the lack of posts, moving to NYC is taking up a lot of time =) Thanks for understanding. Anyway...
The Missha M Signature Radiance Two-Way Pact is so pretty. It contains a micro bead powder which aids in a soft focus effect and multi-reflection. It also makes for a super flawless coverage.
- It has Mineral and botanical Collagen which provide moisture and nutrients.
- Containing Astazanthin and Polylift that makes your skin healthy and radiant.

It has a soft floral fragrance.
I went with color 21. It really is a very nice powder and after wearing it all day my face did not get oily! It blends like a dream!

The make-up base is on the left and foundation is on the right. Although the base has a greenish-white tint, it does blend in completely. The foundation blends nicely as well but it leaves my skin with a more yellow tint. 

If you were to wear all three of these products, you face will become an oil slick. I personally just like powders but the makeup base did allow my powder to stay on all day!
The makeup base blended in
The foundation blended in.

Sorry Been Busy! Maybelline Color Sensational NEW

Hello to all my readers! Sorry it has been so long since I posted. Almost two weeks! I have so much to show you! I have been so busy.

Anyway, Maybelline just launched a new lipline called color sensational! It smells like Taffy! It comes in 48 colors. There are so many nice colors! One of them is a soft purplish but with cameleon glitter. It is gorge! Depending on what type of color, there will be a matching cap. They are priced nice too! I highly suggest tryin them out.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NEW Maybelline New York Pulse Perfection Mascara JUST LAUNCHED

"First vibrating mascara.
Patent-pending elastomer brush vibrates 7,000 times per stroke
Provides clump-free definition, intense color, and shine
Waterproof; also available in washable formula
Builds lash volume, length, and adds curl
Buildable formula
Ideal for All Skin Types
Contact lens safe"

It retails a Walgreens for $14. 

I was fortunate enough to be a tester for this product before it was launched. I knew it was this product since it was the only pulse mascara to be put on a cheaper brand. 

Personally I never saw a difference with the Lancome oscillation mascara and I returned it. I truly want to see a mascara wand that rotates 360 degrees. This way it will actually brush it for you and pull out clumps.

Anyway, I saw no benefit to the pulsing. The mascara formula was descent but not near the lengthening of Stilletto or as voluminous as Colossal.

The pulsating was more like a massage for my eyelashes =) If you want to try something fun and could not afford Lancome Oscillation, it might be something worth trying.

10 Innovation
7  Volume
5 Length

Sunday, June 14, 2009

CupCake Recipe Shoes by Airwalk!! Too Cute

I just had to post on the shoes! They are too cute! I got them for $15 at Payless shoes! I could not help myself! They have cupcakes, eggs, a beater and a recipe on them! PLus they are white and pink! You can fold the back over for more pink! 

Just in case I ever need to make cupcakes, I have the recipe on my shoes!! Tee-hee! =)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

MAC Style Warrior Lipglass in Liberated + L'oreal ColourJuice Go Go Pop

I love the new Mac lipglass in liberated. It is the same formula but with a yellow tint. Unfortunately it takes a good three coats to show the yellow tint and that also means that you would have a lot of gloss on your lips. Even when you do 3 coats, within 10 minutes it looks like a normal clear shimmer gloss =(

I am really just not a fan of lipglasses I guess. The ones I like are the odd colors which are never dark enough.
Loreal Colourjuice in Go Go pop #455. I got this from a L'oreal speciality store. It was hard for me to find. But it clear with an orange tint and orange glitter. It looks really rockin when its on. Same great formula too.
Here are the swatches! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Japanese Kokurydudo Privacy Curl Keeper Spray + Etude House Glow Base Sun Guard

The Privacy Curl Keeper Spray is an interesting item. The innovation and thought behind the project is great. Essentially a hairspray for your lashes! All you do is spray is on your curler, let it dry a little until it starts to get tacky and then curl your lashes. Well this product does work great and I did see a difference at the end of the day when compared to my other eye that just had the curler and no curl keeper. The only problem is that the amount of alcohol in it seems high as it can burn the heck out of your eye! Use it with caution. 

10 for innovation
8 for price
6 for results 
8 for pain lol 

Etude House Glow Base SPF 36 PA++.  I love this stuff! It smells very soft and light like flowers and has a pearl based shimmer in it. It lasted all day in the sun when I used it. I used it when I went to the beach. The only downfall is that if you need to use it a lot, it can be a problem because it is not a very large tube and it does not come in a bigger tube.
The concentrated  Sun Guard is at the top of the hand and it is rubbed in at the bottom of  my hand. The shimmer is very fine and it is not chunky and it gives you a nice soft sheen. I wish they made shimmer based sun block over in the US but they do not. Sunblock is boring but the tanners have fun scents and shimmers over here. Maybe I need to talk to some chemists lol!

10 Performance
8 Quality
8 Scent
6 For Shimmer intensity
4 Product Size