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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kanebo Kate Gel Eyeshadow

I got a good deal on the Kate Gel Eyeshadows! I paid $10 with shipping on

I purchased WH-1 and GY-1

Below is WH-1. I love these eyeshadows for several reasons. I love the jelly texture. It is not like a cream shadow or squeeze tube gel. Rather it is like Jello! It wiggles and shimmers! I like it! Obviously the only downfall is that these could dry out. I am keeping mine in the boxes with tape around them to prevent them from drying out. 

A gentle touch gives a good amount and these have a very good staying power. As much as I love the Jill Stuart Jelly eyes, this gel eyeshadow does not leave shimmer under your eyes hours later.
This is a swatch of the WH-1 color. It is very vibrant! I also used it as a highlighter!

Below is GY-1
It is a deep gray with a brownish tone. From what I can tell, all of the gel eyeshadows have a silver shimmer in them. Either way, these gel eyeshadows are my new favorite thing! We do not have any gel eyeshadows over here in the US! If you are like me, a makeup junkie, I suggest adding a gel eyeshadow to your collection!